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Original Article
Fracture Resistance of Endodontically Treated Teeth Restored by Glass Fiber Post and Carbon Post Systems: An in vitro Study
  Neetika Bhardwaj, Charu Dayal, Annil Dhingra, Amteshwar Singh
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Comparison of Calcium Hydroxide and Triple Antibiotic Paste as Intracanal Medicament in Emergency Pain Reduction: In vivo Study
  L Krishna Prasad, Bhagat S Tanwar, K Naveen Kumar
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Assessment of the Influence of Vegetarian and Nonvegetarian Diet on the Occurrence of Dental Caries in Sullia, India
  Krishna Prasada Lashkari, Rajana Raghunath
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Assessment of the Age of First Dental Visit among Dental Students in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India: A Cross-sectional Study
  Rakesh Mittal, Suryakant Kumar, Ashish Bhondey, Anand Rathi
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Profilometric Analysis of Nanohybrid Composite Surface Polished with Three Polishing Systems: An in vitro Study
  Mudit Uppal, Gurleen Arora, Prerna Kataria
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Immunohistochemical Expression of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor in Different Grades of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinomas
  Niraj Patil, Harish H, Surabhi Sinha, Vandana Shah, Pratik B Kariya, Usha Sharma
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Effect of 2% Chlorhexidine on Appearance of Hybrid Layer with Two different Seventh-generation Bonding Agents
  Ankita Singh, Gagan Madan, Sonam R Agrawal, Amit Akolkar, Soumya Gupta, Nancy Kewalramani
  Full Text
Evaluation of Antimicrobial Efficacy of Root Canal Sealers against Endodontic Pathogens: An in vitro Study
  Priya Saini, Mohit Kumar, Sonali Taneja, Vandana Srivastav
  Full Text
Sociodemographic Factors and Partial Edentulism: An Exploratory Study
  GB Goutham, Nitish Shrivastava, Susan Mathew, Mathew M Alani, PB Reba, Aiswarya Bulusu
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Review Article
An Overview of Oral Health in India: Current Scenario and Challenges
  Ajay Narayan, Suraj J Thomas, Augustine Daniel, Sabba Fatima, Renu A Mathew
  Full Text
Pit and Fissure Sealants: A Recent Advancement
  Renu A Mathew, Ajay Narayan, Eldho Babu, Vinnimary Oommen, Hisham Ibrahim, Sabba Fatima
  Full Text
Management of Biomedical Waste in Dental Clinics
  RS Dhanya, Archana P Betur, Aiswarya Bulusu, VJ Adarsh, Pramod V Koshy, Brilvin Pinto
  Full Text
Newer Nonfluoride Remineralizing Agents: An Insight
  Krunal Chokshi, Achala Chokshi, Savant S Sebastian, Anshad Zaheer, Sreerag Mohan, RS Dhanya
  Full Text
Immunohistochemical Demonstration of Antiapoptotic Proliferating Protein Bcl-2 in the Ameloblastomas
  Mohsin Ghanchi, Dhaval Jani
  Full Text
Rapid Prototyping: A New Chapter in Dentistry
  Neha Jain, Chetan Pathak, Manisha, Haneet Kaur, Shrey Kundra, Ritu
  Full Text
A Comparative in vitro Study to Evaluate Sealer Distribution using Bidirectional Spiral and Traditional Sealer Placement Techniques
  Deepika C Mod, Kamlesh Bhorania
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Case Article
Management of Oromaxillary Defect with a Definitive Obturator using Neutral Zone
  Chetan Pathak, Achint Khullar, Hitesh Mittal, Salil Pawah, Neha Jain, Manisha Gulati
  Full Text
Attachment Retained Cast Partial Denture: Conventional and Contemporary Treatment Perspectives
  Sakshi Gupta, Sapna Rani, Arpit Sikri, Aditya Chaudhary
  Full Text
Maxillary Central Incisor with Two Root Canals
  Anita Thakur, K Naveen Kumar, Mali Sheetal, Pawar Abhijit
  Full Text
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