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October-December 2017
Efficacy of Aloe vera Gel delivered Locally as an Adjunct to Scaling and Root Planing in the Treatment of Chronic Periodontitis: A Pilot Study
Esthetic and Functional Rehabilitation of Maxilla with Multiple Palatal Defects using Speech Aid Prosthesis
  Abhay Kant, Sudhakara G Bhat, Shivamurthy Shadakshari, Sanjayagouda B Patil, HS Kiran Kumar, Blessy Joseph, A Tejaswini, Nivea T Francis
Effectiveness of Two Different Methods used for Dry Socket Management: A Comparative Study
  A Rabi, Kiren B Thaliyath, Joyce Thomas, Sujay Gopal, Joseph Joy, A Aravind
Perception of Smile Esthetics among Young Rajasthani Professional College Students with Irregularly Placed Teeth
  Amit Bithu, Arvind S Bithu, Mahesh Aghera
Correlation Between Superoxide Dismutase and Chronic Periodontitis in Patients with Type II Diabetes
  Meghna Sharma, Geetha K Bhat, Praveen B Kudva
Evaluation of Correlation between Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Chronic Periodontitis: A Clinical Study
  Anirudh S Chauhan, Praveen Kudva, Hema Kudva
Impact of Oral Health on Quality of Life
  Reena Bagde, Rahul D Rao, Ashish K Jain, Meenakshi R Verma
Evaluation of the Role of Salivary Transcriptome as a Diagnostic Aid in Oral Precancer (Homogeneous Leukoplakia) and Oral Cancer
  Nikhil N Diwan, Digambar Sable, Mahesh Chavan, Anagha Motgi, Shrikant Murlidharan, Rashmi Sapkal, Pradeep K Jha, Ashwini Pai
Role of Corticosteroids in reducing Postoperative Swelling, Pain, and Trismus following Surgical Extraction of Impacted Mandibular Third Molars
  Nambidiveetil Raakesh, Veeraraghavan Ravi, Puthalath Ushass, Jaeson M Painatt, V Manoj Kumar Prem Sasikumar, Anil K Subhash, Purushothaman Navya
Cystic Variant of Calcifying Epithelial Odontogenic Tumor
  Savitha A Narayanswamy, Kavita Rao, C Sunil Dutt, T Smitha
Prevalence of Oral Cancer Screening Practices and Awareness among the Nursing Staff of Karad City, India
  KM Shivakumar, Snehal Patil, Vidya Kadashetti, KV Suresh
Efficacy of Warm Saline and Chlorhexidine Mouth Rinses in the Prevention of Alveolar Osteitis after Third Molar Surgery: A Comparative Study
  Choubarga Naik, Subha S Dany, Anup K Satpathy
Utilization of Informational Resources in Clinical Decision Making among the Private Dental Practitioners of Odisha
  Subha S Dany, Choubarga Naik, Anup K Satpathy
Assessment of Fracture Resistance Capacity of Various Post Systems in Endodontically Treated Teeth: In vitro Study
  Dennis Mohan, Joseph Joy, Civy V Pulayath, Mathews Baby, Anoop Samuel, Vimal Remy
Evaluation of the Push-out Bond Strength of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate Mixed with Silver Zeolite: An in vitro Study
  Mudit Uppal, Gurleen Arora
Validity Assessment of Wooden Spatula and Toothpick as an Alternative for Detection of Dental Caries in the Indian School Setting
  Rohit Agrawal, Subhash Sonkesriya, Shanthi Vanka, Sonal Kothari, Vijayta Sharva, Vrinda Saxena
Evaluation of Peri-implant Soft and Hard Tissues in Titanium Implants in Immediate and Delayed Cases: A Comparative Study
  Joseph Edward, Ajit Samson, Joju George, Prakash G Dhanya
Evaluation of a New and Advance Curing Light on the Shear Bond Strength of Orthodontic Brackets
  Amit Bithu, Arvind Singh Bithu, Mahesh Aghera
Herpes Zoster with Postherpetic Neuralgia involving the Left Maxillary and Mandibular Branch of Trigeminal Nerve
  Mukesh Gupta, Shikhar P Chauhan, Husain Sabir, Suresh Sachdeva, Hasan A Adil
Pemphigus Vulgaris: Diagnosis with Oral Lesions
  Poonam Singh, Sheeba Soni, Treville Pereira, Devanand Shetty
Stem Cells
  Vinod Sargaiyan, Rajveer S Yadav, Saurabh S Parihar, Makrand Sapat, Sateesh Bhatele, Archana H Lanje
Digital Forensics
  Vinod Sargaiyan, Makrand Sapat, Rajveer S Yadav, Sateesh Bhatele, Saurabh S Parihar, Archana H Lanje
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